How to do it:

• Add an “optical reader” to the street’s recycling bins.

• Create a dedicated application for the venture.

• The Optical Reader will scan and convert the returned bottles and credit the users in our APP.

• Our venture will increase the bottle’s recycling in Israel by adding incentives to the users.

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The Reason
The Solution
Uniqueness of the venture
We partner with businesses to get our clients a discount on their advertising contribution. Our customers could easily get a score for their account through bottle recycling. To get the score you do not need to collect large levels of bottles enough to also come with a fireplace bottle
The problem
Every year, about 900 million bottles are collected for recycling (600 million large beverage bottles, 300 million small bottles). The company recycles about 14% of them, which means that not all recycled bottles are caused by air and environmental pollution.
Target Audience
– Drinking Bottle Consumers

– businesses

Existing competitors in the market are writers such as Shufersal who also collect bottles at special and expensive recycling hotels. The recycling corporations, however, are in the competition market, but we will try to partner with them to achieve their achievements Are shared so that we become part of the market.
Well attach an “optical reader” to the cyclicality of the street and when the user enters a bottle, he directly sends to the app various benefits for the amount of bottles it recycles.
How do we reach our target audience?
Marketed with the help of sponsored advertising on the various social networks and thus appeal to the younger audience. In addition, an optical reader opens betting bottles for benefits and invites all those who already recycle to use our app

Meet Our Teem...

Eyal Goldberg


Sivan Abramov

Spokeswoman, Vice President

Sean Arshavsky

Technology Developer, IT Manager

Yehoshua Benyamin

Product manager

Avital Israelov

Marketing Menager

Artem Groisman

Product manager